"I am adding an experience because I have lived in 6 buildings and none can compare to PPM.  Recently, my lock broke as I was shutting my door to go to work. I could just leave with my door not locking, so I called the office and literally, within 2 minutes, one of the maintenance staff was up there with a brand new lock. He replaced it in another two minutes, and I was off to work.  These are the things people never think of happening, but they do happen, and when they do, this is the kind of service people need.  Thank you. I am moving back to 3130 N. Lake Shore Drive, owned and managed by PPM and here's why. I had moved out to a condo highrise (21 flrs) that had only ONE engineer and one janitor. The engineer worked about 3 hours a day and socialized the rest of it. If you think the maintenance of a building doesn't matter, think again."

Lauren W.

"3130 has a super great staff all around. The manager is there to help. The engineer and large staff of maintenance men are knowledgeable, competent, responsive hard workers. You got a problem--it's fixed that day or the next.  And they are all extremely nice. They keep the building immaculate. You won't find that in any other rental building. Having a business center saves you from having to pay for a printer and an Internet fee in your apartment. No other neighborhood is as peaceful, beautiful, and convenient to everything in walking distance--public transportation, restaurants, shopping of all kinds, hair and manicure shops, grocery stores, ice cream shops, coffee and tea shops, pet supply stores, vets and groomers if you have an animal--again, everything in walking distance. And the best part is that you can walk anywhere and then go home to the beauty of the park and running/bike trails. 3130 is in a prime location for anything you could want. The building is completely updated and decorated attractively. And the best part--PPM allows dogs.  WARNING:  Moving out was an expensive lesson in finding out what is really out there to rent.  Be careful about renting from a condo owner. That [person may be living hand-to-mouth and does not want to fix anything. Remember, condo owners pay individually for every repair you may need.  Don't do it. I learned the hard way. A professionally managed rental building is the way to go when you are renting, and no other management company has as incredible a staff as PPM.  Seriously!" 

Lyndsay N

"I just got my new windows at 3130 Lake Shore Drive - thanks to PPM, my view of the lake is actually better!  I had a great time at the picnic this past Saturday. Who knew I would love meeting all my neighbors? "

Dan G


"Just moved in to 3130 LSD. So far, so good. I couldn’t figure out how to get online in business center but Sedina from office was very helpful! Love my view and the new hardwood floors. It's going to be a great summer!"  

MIchelle B

"I lived at 3130 N. Lake Shore Dr. for about 8 months now. Honestly, if you're looking for a Lakeview or Gold Coast apartment and don't really know where to start, GO HERE. Seriously, from what I've experienced in my own building and from what I've heard echoed from friends in others, they really do treat their tenants like gold. And if you have dogs, they treat them like gold, too. I came home from work a few weeks ago to the office staff handing out pizza to everyone in my building. Around Christmastime, they bring in a Santa so everyone's dogs can get pictures with him. Yes, free pictures with Santa FOR YOUR DOGS. And here's the thing: you'd think that with these little perks that management might be trying to make up for some problems with the building, but there really aren't any. My building was kept in the best condition possible. The lobby and hallways were cleaned every, single day. The office and maintenance staff are always there to chat and are so friendly and helpful. If I ever move back to Chicago, I'd either move back into the same building or find another through PPM." 

DAvid W.